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 “This is a story of hope and redemption. It was a valiant attempt to bridge the gap by knocking down artificial tribal walls and that takes some crafty ingenuity and chutzpah.  RAM FM was one-part people to people talking across the lines and another part was flat out high voltage extreme octane rock and roll. Together they created a magic formula.  That is probably why the RAM FM “experiment with truth” was stopped in its tracks by those who had a stake in the status quo.  If anything, this story should leave you thinking what you can do to bridge the proverbial gap and see everyone with the same degree of respect, appreciation, recognition and acceptance as you wish to be treated yourself.” --Dr. Brian Polkinghorn (Department of Conflict Analysis and Dispute Resolution at Salisbury University, and Fulbright Ambassador).


“Radio Nissa Fm, the first and only women radio station in the Arab World, that I had the pleasure of visiting, is an incredible media platform that enlightens, inspires and empowers women”.  -- Rosanna Arquette, Hollywood actress/ producer/ director. (Womanity Ambassador)

“Having followed the start-ups of RAM FM 93.6 and Nisaa FM and being an avid fan of both, I knew bits and pieces of their stories. This insider account brings the entire picture into full color, weaving the bold story of two radio stations with the myriad of complications of a region fraught with turmoil. If I did not know better, I would say this had to be fiction, but sadly it’s a true story, one I still live in today.” --Sam Bahour, Palestinian-American Business Consultant; Originally from Youngstown, Ohio, now based in Al-Bireh/ Ramallah.

“Just finished it and was riveted. It's a great tale of perseverance. Congratulations - I'm delighted that Ram FM will survive for posterity in your book, and outlive the broadcast of that last tearful goodbye.”  --Nicholas Pelham, The Economist, Middle East Correspondent, London, UK.


 “Thank you so much for sharing (and writing!) this gem! What a wonderful read. I love the personal story and details of day of day issues behind the whole bigger narrative.” --Rana Askoul, CEO – Womanity Foundation, Dubai/Geneva.

“Just finished your book – we in the world are blessed to have you here – making a difference!” --Dr. David Dolev – Assistant Director, Massachusetts Institute of Technology International Science and Technology Initiatives, Cambridge Massachusetts.

“Raf’s memoir reads like an adventure novel but provides insightful behind the-scenes details of building of the first Israeli-Palestinian Radio Station with clarity, intimacy, and humor and, perhaps most importantly, rare and credible objectivity”  --Andrew Hirsh, Founder & CEO of Olive Branch Pictures, Philadelphia, USA.

 “It is exciting and I wish you great success with your book.” -- Gideon Levy, Haaretz Columnist & Member of Editorial Board, Tel Aviv, Israel.

“What a truly remarkable story!!! Each chapter was a joy to read and the Epilogue was a strong finish. Powerful in fact.” --Kyle Eastwood, Johannesburg.

“I LOVED THE BOOK! Rafique Gangat has produced an enthralling story of a journey filled with conviction and resilience and in the end with hope to all of us believing in the dismantling of Israeli Apartheid.” --Mats Svensson, Author & former Swedish diplomat.

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