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Bending the Rules- it's Universal Appeal

How a book of short stories related to South African Apartheid and beyond mean anything or have any relevance to non- South Africans? Racism was legalized in South Africa. However it is prevalent everywhere today, even more so in the country that is credited with its demise.
In some countries Racism has been ‘perfected’ whereby the victims have willingly accepted their servitude.
Essentially this small book of short stories is intended to inspire with the life’s stories of an individual who forged a career against numerous odds with creative ways and means.

Laughter is the best medicine! Humorous stories with bitter/sweet contexts make one sit back and ponder, and their Universal Appeal lies in their simplicity although layered with meanings. Hereunder is a cross-section of Universal comments -

An Academic in Washington D.C: “The book is a magnum opus for the common man who can connect to you on many levels.  I do hope you continue to write and build a growing audience (fan base!) that will laugh as hard as I did and also fall prey to deep dark emotions that surface when the cranky old farts who seem to know what is 'right' with the social order get in the way of our happiness.”

A Bookseller in Jerusalem, Israel - “His writing style is exceptionally engaging; you will find yourself struggling to put the book down. He writes with humour and intelligence, he tells stories with honesty and passion.”

A Professional in New York: “I really enjoyed the stories. You bring such a unique perspective, having worn so many "hats" throughout your life. I particularly enjoyed your stories from your diplomatic service--and I'm sure you've got even more juicy tales than those in your book!  The second angle that I appreciated was your perspective as an Indian during apartheid.  One often hears stories about the Black experience during apartheid but you seem to have occupied a rather special niche and were able to cross multiple boundaries in a way I'd never really read about before, and one that added another dimension to my understanding.  I thank you for that!”

A Business Consultant in Ramallah, Palestine - “Just a note of thanks for writing Bending the Rules and generously sharing your life's trials and tribulations with us all. The human stories you convey provide hope that systems of oppression do eventually come falling, all the while portraying how each and every individual has a role to play to make it happen, or not. Sadly, the stories that reflect old politics being played in the new paradigm remind us all too well where our own struggle in Palestine has found itself. Nevertheless, we continue the struggle, which is the same one all oppressed people worldwide are engaged in. Even OMO has an expiration date!” 


An Advertising Executive in Ramallah, Palestine - “Simply the book was very insightful and I highly recommend it!”


A Dentist in Jerusalem, Israel - “An incredible, interesting & brilliant book - highly recommend for everyone (not only South Africans)”. 

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