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Rafique Gangat

Raconteur Rafique Gangat grew up in Weenen and attended High School in Pietermaritzburg, after which he spent five years playing cricket and representing his Province.  He studied Philosophy and English at the University of Natal, a white’s only institution in the days of apartheid. This he was able to do, by obtaining a special permit from the Minister of Police at the time.

Post university, he worked in the music business in Johannesburg, at a time when music was instrumental in breaking down the barriers created by apartheid. Disillusioned with the capitalistic nature of the industry, he obtained a scholarship at The Leadership Institute of South Africa, and completed the pilot leadership course. With the apartheid legislation having reserved careers for white people, he found no alternative but to work for an Indian radio station in Durban, as announcer and producer.

Gangat’s pioneering spirit led him to perceive change and democracy on the political horizon, and he became the first-ever career diplomat of-colour, in the Department of Foreign Affairs, serving in a number of countries including USA, UAE and Palestine. He quit the diplomatic service, to embark on setting up a Radio Station, modeled on, Radio 702. Gangat, from being a diplomat and philosopher, finally married another side of his being – diplomacy and music, by hosting the Morning Show, with Talk@10, where he provided a platform for Israeli and Palestinian narratives to be heard in the peaceful search for a solution to the conflict. But it didn’t last long, as most initiatives in the Holy Land, it met a premature end.

Today Gangat lives in the Holy Land and works as a Communications & Media Consultant for Aid Organisations, NGO’s and academic institutions. He continues enriching his life’s journey with new experiences, reading and writing.

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